Keep your head still - Improve your game


Steady Swing red lens system

Ready to use.

Steady Swing lens system on sunglasses.

XLoop HD vision sports eyewear included,
also works with your personal eyewear.

Visual effect at address in vertical lens mode

Steady Swing projects a red tinted window on the ground at address.
If your head moves the red window moves!

Steady Swing instantly reveals head movement

Strive for minimal window movement during your back swing.

Keep the red window BEHIND the ball at impact

This will train you to keep your head down and behind the ball through impact for increased lag and swing speed.

Steady Swing will help you make more putts

Steady Swing reveals the subtle head movement and misalignment that causes
you to miss makeable putts.

Keep the red training window perfectly still

Even the slightest head movement during your backswing will be detected by seeing the window move .

Keep the window still and square through impact

Steady Swing will train you to keep a steady head and a stable posture through impact, a key ingredient to making more putts.

Why do golfers miss makeable putts?

1. Poor alignment and head movement

The red window must remain square to the target line and perfectly still throughout your putting stroke.

2. Lifting your head through impact

Even the slightest head movement through impact will get the ball started off line. Steady Swing enables you to instantly see and correct this common fault.


Stealth training.

Promotes correct alignment.

Improves putting and ballstriking.

Works with all types of eyewear.

Increases lag and swing speed.

Patented lens technology.

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