XLoop HD Vision Golf Sunglasses Now Included!

Steady Swing lens system on sunglasses.

Steady Swing now comes ready to use on a pair of XLoop HD vision sports eyewear.


"For years I struggled with my golf game because of too much head movement, especially during my putting. I could not achieve the consistency needed to reach the next level, rarely would I break 80.
The first time I used Steady Swing I was amazed at how well the visual effect tracked my head movement and shocked to see how much my head was actually moving during my putting stroke!
With Steady Swing's instant feedback I was finally able to see and stabilize my head movement which is improving my consistency. My scores are steadily improving and I'm starting to break 80 more often. I'm confident that if it helped me it will help many other golfers as well."

EM Jr.

"Highly recommended! A+++".

Steady Swing Customer

"I really like this product. It has helped my putting, and its actually fun to use."

Chad Phillips

"This training aid revealed my head movement better than costly lessons using fancy video equipment. I keep it in my bag and use it frequently."

John Sweigart